Why prefer international jobs?

People always ask which international job they should join, which is best for them, which country they should more for their job and many such questions. But they never ask why an international job only, why they don’t want to work in India?

So if you are also having this question in your mind then do follow this article till the end. As we are going to discuss that why preferring an International job is going to be beneficial for you.

But before that, let us have a look at why people don’t work in India or for Indian companies. So here are some reasons for this point-

  • The first main reason for finding an international job is that people are unable to get a job or an excellent job in India. 
  • The second most important reason for finding an international job is that international jobs pay more than Indian companies do.

These were some of the reason for not working in India or for an India company.

Why prefer International job?

Here are the reasons why people prefer international jobs-

  • The difference in currency- If you are aware of it, then you might be knowing that 1 USD equals to near about or more than 72 INR. This is one of the most important reasons people prefer international jobs. Moreover, the amount of work done is the same, while the difference is that at a time if you can make 100 INR in India, at the same time. You would be able to make 720 INR if working for an international job.
  • More Security- If you can get a good international job based on your skills and educational qualification. Then you would be able to work for that company forever. Hence would be able to make a whole lot of money. Moreover, International companies will provide you with the right amount of work, and no burden would be felt. You would be able to get more flexibility as there would be two days off every weak. These are some points, which makes international jobs better than doing jobs in India.
  • More Facilities- There are several facilities offered to you by the international company you work and also by the foreign government. This is one of the best advantages as a global government also provides you with all the facilities they offer to their nationality people. Some of those advantages are like no school fee up to an age, electricity & water bills advantages and many more.

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